About her artistic journey, Ulla states: "As far back as I can remember, art has been an integral part of every aspect of my life. However, finding the time and energy to express my art has been an ongoing challenge until a few years ago when I retired and became free to focus on what makes me happiest - my art! Watercolours are my medium of choice (at the moment), and 30 years of photographing people and the natural world are my primary source for inspiration. My camera, always ready, has been my best buddy and my vast photo collection the starting point for my paintings. All the elements for creating a painting are present if a photo repeatedly excites my imagination and has captured a unique moment from an interesting perspective in dramatic light or vibrant colour. I develop my artistic interpretation as I work on the subject matter using a variety of techniques including the use of washes, painting wet-into-wet, and, in particular, applying multiple glazes of translucent paints. The ultimate goal for each painting is to communicate my fascination with the subject matter and to invite the viewer to make a connection with my interpretation of a moment in time and to enjoy the experience."